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It is a sad fact that crime is on the rise these days, you only have to look at the official statistics to realise that we have to take more care over our possessions than ever before. Perhaps this is linked to the current economic climate and the millions of individuals who are unemployed. But that is no excuse for some of the schemes that those scumbags get up to, just to part us from our hard earned coin. As for calling the police to report a crime, just forget it! You may be lucky enough to recover the cost of your stolen belongings via an insurance policy, but the chances are that you’ll never see the items again. So why not take some extra precautions and stop them from getting your goodies in the first place? This article looks at some exciting Kickstarter projects that feel out pain and are here to help!


Ping Wallet – The world’s thinnest, smartest wallet

Your wallet is an incredibly important piece of kit that usually contains a heck of a lot of important items. So why do we tend to make do with a fake leather piece of rubbish that is about as secure as chocolate padlock? Laziness is probably the answer, but what happens when we lose the contents or our cards become compromised? More and more villains are using technology to strip information from our cards, unbeknownst to us. Ping Wallet is not only a very cool looking product, it also has some extremely clever extras onboard. This product connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, and it actually reminds you when you card has not been returned to the wallet after a physical transaction. If Ping is stolen from you, you can track its whereabouts using a proximity search after the alert is activated. Ping Wallet is only 3 mm thick and can hold over 10 cards and a lot of notes. As well as this awesome functionality, Ping Wallet is a very sweet looking device that comes in a myriad of lovely shades. The sensor system works up to 100 yards and the battery will last up to 2 years before another charge is required. It also offers RFID full protection and will hopefully receive enough backing to make its way into our world – We love it!

Kapture: the audio-recording wristband

How many times have you had a conversation that you really wished to record for later perusal? In this world of ours, there are still bullies at large who need to be accountable for their verbal threats and insults. Well, Kapture happens to agree with you and is here to strike fear into their craven hearts! This very fine looking wristband device will allow you to record a 60 second buffered loop with a single tap of the band. You can download these files to your Smartphone or laptop for further perusal and possible investigation. Kapture can also be used for the nicer things in life such as those funny things our loved ones say at random moments or even when you have one of those wacky ideas you need to get down on tape before you forget. It’s a very cool gadget and also looks a million bucks on your wrist. Checkout the Kickstarter site and pledge a few bucks – it’s worth it!

Kickstarter Values Our Security

Both of these cool projects will certainly make our lives more security and a lot more enjoyable – Visit the site soon!

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