Six Free Moving Apps To Get Your Moving Organized

When making the next move to your home or office, there are some new tools that you can download on your tablet or smartphone to make it easier when moving by yourself. These apps provide a moving budget, home inventory list and other tools that will organize every room in your house for an effortless record of everything that you need. It’s also better than trying to keep everything on paper. In addition, all of these apps are free.


Applosophy created a moving app that allows you to make a moving estimate. It also allows you to track what you have already moved in your household. This gives you a clear understanding of what still has to be moved and what you’ve already completed. iMoving takes a major load off of your shoulders by also allowing you to organize each room in your house, and there is even a section for outdoor stuff. You can tap on a room, which is then added to the list. You can edit the names of the rooms to keep yourself more organized.


MoveTools brings a moving timeline and other features that also allow you to make labels. These are scan-able by a smartphone. It will create an inventory tab and provide moving tips. On the menu, just tap “Pack Up” to show a screen of an open box. Each room of the house is listed at the top. You can choose a room and drag it to the top of the box. You can even drag and drop big pieces of furniture. Choose “Tape Up this Box” to show that you have moved an item.

Allied Van Line’s Track and Quote

Allied Van Lines is a moving company that wanted to create a simple to use yet effective moving app. You can track your shipment and request a quote. While it doesn’t have the same functionality as the other two, you still get a lot of features to help you with moving.

Now you can look at over three million homes and rentals instantly with’s free app. You can see pictures, description and view contact details for each of the listings as well as maps to the location.


Mortgage Calculator

If you are not sure how much you can afford when planning to buy, check out this free app for iPhone. You can figure out your mortgage and estimated monthly payments for any home that interests you.

My Move

This app works for both iPhone and Android. My Move was made by MyMovingReviews and it allows you to create a customized moving checlist, request free moving estimate, tips for selecting a moving company and check a moving company’s record. You can also write moving reviews for your company and keep moving notes. A distance calculator is also included to help you map from your old home to the new one.

Moving apps make it easier to get where you’re going and keep everything organized. Whether you want to make a budget or checklist, these are the essential and free applications that can make a difference.

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