Handwrytten Launches its Android App

February 20, 2015 —   Handwrytten announces the release of their innovative app and service for Android, which aims to bring back the lost art of letter writing in a new and innovative way.  

Combining old world charm with new mobile technology and robotics, Handwrytten allows you to send an array of beautiful, finely crafted, letterpress and print cards with your message penned in the handwriting style of your choice.

Greeting cards available through the app start at $3.50 and include tax and postage. Additionally, users of the app can now include a gift card with their message.

“Old fashioned, written communication is dying and is being replaced with short, impersonal emails and text messages,” says David Wachs, Founder and President of Handwrytten. “The situation has gotten so dire that people even post to your Facebook wall instead of sending you a birthday card. We are trying to change that while making it easy for the busy, on-the-go consumer,” he adds. 

By using the Handwrytten’s iOS or Android app, users can easily find and personalize a handcrafted card that is designed and printed by an independent card artisan.

After the users types out the message and selects a handwriting style, Handwrytten’s robots use a real pen to write out the note on the chosen card, stamp it and send it on its way.

“Unlike other apps that print the user”s message in the card with a laser printer, our messages are written in the cards in realistic handwriting. Through this technology we create a personal touch that is quick and easy for users to send real letters, making any message really stand out from the clutter of emails, IMs, text messages and junk mail,” Wachs says. “With our new gift card feature, we are proud to truly transform the users message into a personalized gift suitable for any occasion,” he adds.

Handwrytten”s iOS app, released in August via the Apple App store, is free to download and currently offers cards by Orange Beautiful, A. Favorite Designs and Chykalophia, from Chicago, and Emily McDowell of Los Angeles.

Handwrytten currently offers gift cards from Target, Groupon, Overstock.com, Maggiano’s, Cabela’s, Foot Locker, Bed Bath and Beyond, Shell and Starbucks, as well as Vanilla Visa cards with more brands available soon.

To compliment the penned card and envelope, the company uses actual stamps to complete the look.   No Handwrytten branding appears on any part of the product.

“We feel it”s important to create as genuine a message as possible,” explains Wachs. “It”s not about where the user got the card, it”s about the card and message itself. We hope our app will help reignite old-fashioned correspondence and make it simple for people to send formal thank you and follow up notes.”


Handwrytten was formed in 2014 to reignite the art of handwritten correspondence through easy to use mobile tools.   For more information, visit handwrytten.com, call (888) 284-5197 or email pr@handwrytten.com.

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