People as a Service receives $425K to make sharing economy more trustworthy

Sharing economy startup People as a Service has announced a successful close of its latest funding round, raising $425,000 in total. The funding will allow the Miami-based startup to expand its cloud-based service that gives companies the right tools to complete tasks through a simplified delegation process of approved virtual freelancers.

In contrast to solutions based on a self-service concept, which provide businesses with a long list of potential freelancers and no support in the definition or follow up, People as a Service is a service-based concept. Not only does the solution work closely with the client to define the project, but it also proposes only one freelancer that best fits the job and follows up on the project to ensure completion and client satisfaction.

Freelancers who wish to work with People as a Service need to undergo a personal interview and selection process to verify skill sets and reliability, which allows for the accurate classification of their talent. For businesses and entrepreneurs, People as a Service’s reliable solutions for all projects allows them to easily delegate tasks to freelancers with a single click — giving them back precious time to focus on other parts of their business or personal life.

“After having been a CEO of several companies, including a $160 million German technology company, I recognized that the way talent is integrated into many enterprises is often far too rigid, inflexible and costly,” say People as a Service Founder and CEO Rolf Ritter. “Today we are able to integrate talent virtually from all over the world and for the time we actually need. This allows companies to outsource even the smallest tasks to virtual talent for a fraction of the cost and gain better results.”

Freelancers using the service also benefit by avoiding a lengthy proposal submission process and by being assured that they will only work on projects suited to their specific skill sets.

With the cloud-based service, companies that choose to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the sharing economy will find the results they are looking for easier to achieve and increasingly affordable. According to Forbes, nearly a quarter of the population of the U.S., U.K. and Canada engage in some form of economic sharing. One major barrier to the expansion of the sector, however, is trust. Only 19% of Millennials and 31% of GenX”ers believe that most people can be trusted, according to Pew Research. The future of the marketplace will depend on reliable standards set by solutions such as People as a Service.

“Most companies are not taking advantage of the sharing economy’s potential because other services make it too hard,” explains Ritter. “Through our approach of utilizing a select pool of freelancers that we personally know and trust, we make the process for the customer easy, fast and secure.”


People as a Service, a new cloud based solution, allows companies to take advantage of the growing freelance economy in a unique way. Unlike traditional time consuming methods of searching through a large pool of untested freelancers, companies can now hire the freelancer with the skill set best suited to their project. Visit for more information.


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