Mailflo released from Beta

Mailflo, the google Chrome add-on being developed by Grexit, has been released from Beta.

Mailflo is a Google Chrome add-on seamlessly integrated into the sidebar of a user’s Gmail account. Grexit’s product brings simplicity to workflows and customer support for all businesses via the ease of existing Gmail accounts.

Grexit has released other google chrome add-ons in the past and has been working on Mailflo to simplify and streamline customer support via Gmail.

“We’ve already had the experience and ideas with Grexit, which sought to help teams collaborate around email threads. Now, our focus is to build on this; bringing more functionality through Mailflo for users who want to do customer support seamlessly from their Gmail,” says Mailflo Co-Founder, Nitesh Nandy.

According to Nandy, it is this functionality and dynamic use of the ubiquitous email medium that allows a business of any size to successfully apply Mailflo to a crucial part of their customer support process.

Mailflo users have recounted that the add-on, “radically changed the quality of support and internal knowledge sharing,” according to Pedro Dobrescu from Presslabs.

“Mailflo, like our already established GrexIt product, combines the flexibility and simplicity of email to a CRM-style model in order to create one of the most straightforward collaborative tools on the market,” says Co-founder and CEO of Mailflo Niraj Ranjan Rout.

As organizational software becomes an integral part of any business, the application of these tools to foster enterprise growth—such as CRM solutions — continues to exponentially grow. According to Forbes, CRM system’s worldwide market grew from $16B to $18B from 2011 to 2012.

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