How to use Bulk SMS marketing efficiently

There is always a method to each and everything, be it anything. Similarly to choose a marketing tool, what suits best, depends on the product or the service and its target segment. For e.g. whether the product or service is meant for masses or classes, for kids or youth, for working women or senior citizens?  All these factors have to be considered before imbibing any marketing tool in the marketing or promotional strategies. Bulk SMS or business sms marketing has a wider scope in itself; it gives the flexibility to the sender to either choose it for mass advertisement or for a particular reason to small section.

Marketing has two dimensions to it or can be used for two different purposes; to acquire new customers for the business (direct marketing) or to retain the existing customers in the company’ basket and bulk SMS service can be used for both the options. Let’s discuss one by one:

  1. To acquire new clients (Direct marketing): Bulk SMS service can be a useful tool to fetch new customers for the businesses, it can be used for or at:
  • Product/Project launches
  • Exhibition/Event invites
  • Introduction of schemes
  • Draws/Contests
  • Corporate Announcements
  1. To retain existing customers: this service can be opted to show appreciation to the existing customers. These SMS can be the courtesy messages from the company to the customers at various instances, like:
  • Welcome or thank you message
  • Referral message
  • Birthday/Anniversary message
  • Gift coupons
  • Special tariffs

Business SMS draws all the attention of the recipient for at least a while, which is way better than other costlier affairs of marketing. The beep in the pockets raises the curiosity to see, to or not to respond is secondary but the rate of visibility just after sending it, makes it quite impressive and effective. And if it somebody choose bulk voice calls for the promotion, it’s like an icing on the cake. The sender can actually get an immediate response of his promotion by recording it, which makes analysis a lot quicker and easier.

Efficiency is mainly driven by the purpose, be it a long term or short term and defined by the volume; say a financial institute or a political campaign. Bulk SMS is a backbone of both; it serves the purpose to extreme.

A financial institute (long term) can use this service as or for:

  • Reminders
  • Alerts
  • Transactional SMS
  • Advertisement
  • Introductory message
  • Prevention of frauds
  • Courtesy message

And a political campaign (short term) can use it as or for:

  • Reminders
  • Courtesy message
  • Creating awareness
  • Publicity

In literal terms too, bulk stands for economical and efficient, and here in this article to we have tried to prove the same. It’s just the same word but has many usages as per the requirement and as per the intent. It fits into the example of smart buying, if one is trying to sell!!

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