Beijing Parking App adds new features

Ubo, the Beijing parking app, has expanded its focus from solely car parking to including a variety of other car services.

Ubo is a response to the rapidly increasing car ownership in China’s capital. Its users simply drive their vehicle to a convenient Ubo service station to have their car parked safely parked for them. Once the car has been parked in one of Ubo’s 1,000 exclusive spots around the city, the app will immediately notify the user, sending them pictures of the car and recorded mileage.

Led by its motto “Wait less live more,” Ubo’s app is already saving valuable time for Beijing’s driver population that deals with the reality of too many cars and not enough car parking spaces. According to the China News Network, Beijing was reported to have 5.48 million active vehicles trying to fill only 2.76 million registered car parks in 2014.

Ubo”s expansion therefore enables millions of drivers in China’s capital city to access a suite of car services that will save them even more time in their daily lives. Since drivers now have on-demand access to a number of extra services straight from their mobile phones. Services such as car washes, having their fuel tank filled by trusted Ubo staff, or even simple car maintenance services.

The idea of expanding services came from the front-line valets, as customers started to ask if they can do carwash or ETC card recharge, even to buy flowers for their spouses.

“UBO is not about parking alone; our focus has always been to give our customers the time they need to spend on the important things in life. Now with the new features Ubo can give them even more options to time, all from their phones”, said Ubo’s Chief Experience Officer, Corrine Zhao.

“This personalized service for our customers is something that is not being done by any other city-wide parking solution in China,” added Zhao. The value added service that Ubo is now offering has already been recognized by a number of high-end shopping malls in Beijing.

“Building trust is hard for any company, but Ubo’s level of transparency has allowed us to generate complete customer trust, and we actually have people asking our valets to pickup their kids from the hospital, deliver important files, and even help them buy a cake before we park their car,” added Zhao.




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