The new wholesale division for self-made furniture

Unlike their rivals, Joybird can deliver six of its most popular collections (in eight different fabrics) to wholesale and trade customers within two to three weeks.

This is possible because Joybird operates with a vertically integrated business model, so it controls its own supply chain from start to finish. Its newly launched wholesale division caters to the company’s trade and wholesale members, this development will provide quick furniture shipping of Joybird’s customized furniture to clients in the continental U.S.

“There is no reason a customer should ever be unhappy with their furniture purchases,” said Joybird Co-founder Josh Stellin. “That is why we are launching this new division, which is based on customer feedback and market demand – we feel that now is the appropriate time to open our product line to expand into wholesale trade and design trade.”

Joybird wants to change ordering bespoke furniture from being a time-consuming and expensive process to a easier and more enjoyable one for their customers. Easier because of its fast service and enjoyable because clients are not only able to create their own furniture, but the Joybird wholesale division fills a void in digital furniture making by allowing conservative customers to touch and feel the furniture before they order.

Joybird mainly gained ground by targeting millennials, who are driving a movement towards “co-creation” and customization.

“Millennials want to have the freedom to design their life at any time they want, without having to take their eyes away from their digital devices,” added Co-founder Alex Del Toro. “They take pride in the beauty and comfort of their spaces, have very specific tastes, and like transparency. This is exactly what we offer: the freedom to create.”

Other Joybird perks include private label, branding and marketing support, and the ability to drive traffic through brand recognition, as well as a tiered discount system. Trade customers can also rest easily in the knowledge that Joybird’s designs are well-received in the marketplace, with more customers making multiple purchases in single visits to Joybird’s website. Over the last six months, the average spend has increased by 35% to more than $2,100 per order.



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