Trumpia reveals new feature for marketing software

Anaheim-based Trumpia announces new version the “Appointment Reminders” feature for its cross-channel marketing and communications software, aims to give businesses of any industry unparalleled customer engagement tools.

Led by seasoned entrepreneur Ken Rhie — a former Deloitte Consultant and Director of Marketing at Symantec — Trumpia’s solutions integrate mobile, email, voice and social media communication channels to give companies the best customer reach complemented with unique marketing campaigns.

The redesigned Appointment Reminders feature now allows businesses to send automated appointment or reservation reminders to customers via all communication channels — including SMS, MMS, email, mobile app, and even voice calls.

The cloud-based software has already provided cross-channel marketing services to thousands of companies since its launch in 2009, including Carl’s Jr., Hilton, Intercontinental Hotel, Sears, Capital One, GE, McDonalds, and more.

Whether they are a small restaurant or an established hotel, business users of Trumpia will now be able to easily schedule important reminders to be sent out ahead of time, and make sure they are sent via the right channels that suit individual customers.

“Each individual business tends to have their own specific way to communicate with existing customers, and by supporting reminders through SMS, MMS, mobile app, email, and even recorded voice calls, Trumpia has personalized this level of engagement,” explains CEO Ken Rhie, a Harvard MBA. “Our service supports all of these modes of communication for businesses that, in turn, cater to each recipient’s preference on how he or she would like to be reminded,” he adds.

By placing the focus on the individual company as well as their customers, Trumpia gives businesses managers and entrepreneurs a piece of mind by making sure their messages are received – regardless of whether their customers prefer SMS, emails, MMS or a combination of these in any sequence.

“It essentially allows team members and the company as a whole to focus on business-critical aspects instead of worrying about things like holding tables if you are a restaurant manager, for example,” Rhie says. “Our greatly improved cross-platform Appointment Reminders feature not only saves time and money, but increases customer loyalty by providing a unique and personalized channel of engagement,” he adds.

The importance of marketing automation tools, which have been widely used in the B2B sphere over the past three years, are increasingly becoming important in the B2C market, specially for mobile customer engagement. Still, the penetration of the technology is small. According to Venturebeat, mobile marketing automation (MMA) has only achieved about 1.5 % of overall market penetration — a figure expected to dramatically rise this year.

“We believe that the combination of our new marketing and communication features, combined with the different channels of engagement, now make Trumpia one of the most complete technologies on the market. Because of this we are set to be at the forefront of MMA’s rise in 2015,” Rhie adds.

Having recently launched new automation features, including loyalty reward programs, redeemable coupons, and push notifications, Trumpia has also integrated Smart Targeting and Campaign Automation to allow companies to reach the right customers across all communication channels.

Aiming to stand out from other competitors —such as Marketo, Infusionsoft, and Act-On — Trumpia’s combination of both mobile app and mobile texting communication channels, along with its fully customizable messaging and marketing tools are set to make it a go-to platform for businesses of any industry.


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