Social Media App Vent Gets an Emotional Upgrade: More Ways To Anonymously Tell People How You Feel

Continuing with its “get it off your chest” attitude, Vent has introduced an intuitive new way for its community to interact with one another and share their frustrations.

Building on the success of it”s first version, Vent has launched a new version for its next generation App for the iPhone that includes a suite of new level of expressive features and user connectivity.

The app includes a the new “Slider Mechanic” that offers a broader range of emotions, allowing anyone to express the finest layers of their feelings, even positive ones.

Beyond categories of Calm, Irritated, Annoyed, Angry, and Furious that users can select in order to vent to their followers, the next generation’s Slider further diversifies Vent’s expressions to reach Fear, Surprise, Sadness, Anger, Affection, and Happiness.

As responses that add to existing “favorite” and comment features, users can now choose to HUG, LOL, OMG, WTF other people’s vents for quick and fun comments that add connectivity to the network and create a more interactive community.

“We always knew that the possibilities of Vent would be as limitless as the layers of emotions that we experience and want to share everyday. With this in mind we’ve looked towards this new release to give people more expressive outlets and the ability to connect naturally with each other,” says Vent Co-Founder Dean Serroni. “We have shaped the app not only on our ideas but also the feedback from our growing community, which has actively reached out to us with ways of expanding the Vent universe,” he adds.

Some of these suggestions, Serroni explains, have been added to the suite of features in Vent’s new version — including a short profile bio that can add to the fun aspects of the app.

Furthermore, users have the ability to report inappropriate comments within vents, block unwanted “listeners” (followers) for better privacy control, and interact with a new predictive username system when they look to mention others within vents.

Despite the new features, Turner explains, the new generation still keeps in line with the simple yet effective core idea of allowing users to vent their feelings and get on with their day.

In its current form, the Vent app is one of the most emotionally effective and fun applications on the market. The platform’s massively entertaining feed — constantly refreshed with new heartfelt, insightful and at times hilarious complaints about anything and everything — can place life in perspective for the user who in the end may not need to vent after all.

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