Cyber Pros develop Anonystik USB for full digital protection and privacy

Founded by a team of ethical hacking, network security, and information privacy protection professionals, Professionally Secure LLC has now developed the AnonyStik device, a USB stick of varying storage sizes that counts with its own operating system and secure storage capabilities that can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers.

Virginia-based Professionally Secure LLC is set to launch an IndieGoGo campaign for its new AnonyStik USB device, aims to give us full digital protection for our personal computers and online activities via a user-friendly and simple portable device.

Building on the technology of Professionally Secure LLC’s previously developed devices Secure PC Xtreme and Secure PC Pro, the new AnonyStik USB includes a suite of features and tools that guarantee complete protection of a user’s computer against viruses and malware, has the ability to provide complete online privacy — including the option of IP address masking and anonymous web browsing — and tools to easily encrypt any saved files.

Available in 8, 32, 64, and 128 GB storage sizes (all equipped with USB 3.0), AnonyStik’s software tools include a TOR browser for anonymous web surfing, productivity tools, chatting tools capable of anonymous chatting, an office suite, torrent download manager, password management tools, and email apps.

Once plugged into a user’s computer, AnonyStik’s unique operating system overlays the computers existing system as a non-persistent operating system. As AnonyStik is designed to ‘start fresh’ every time a user boots up their computer, any viruses or malware that may have been downloaded in previous sessions are non-existent.

“This USB device is basically a computer within a computer. All of your online activities will be contained within the device, meaning that nothing will affect the desktop or laptop hard drive that you are using,” says Professionally Secure President, Beshwi Shenouda. “We started this project because we believe every person has the right to secure and private computing. You should not have to worry about viruses, spyware, hackers, and government surveillance every time you use a computer or access the web,” he adds.

For home users, Shenouda explains, the system allows them to do everything, from word processing, to web surfing, and even encrypt and save files using AnonyStik’s military-grade cryptography.

With its powerful features and flexible system design, business users of AnonyStik can have a peace of mind for employees connecting to private company networks remotely. AnonyStik’s encrypted storage capability means that workers can save sensitive documents on the device and take it with them. Any of these users can then take the USB device, plug it into any Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X operating system, and be able to view, encrypt, and decrypt files wherever they are no matter what computer they use.

“This can be applied to everyone, from students who need a secure place to keep their files, to individuals, business people, and even travelers,” says Shenouda. “The key to AnonyStik is not only its ability to provide an unparalleled secure computing environment, but its ability to connect to the most widely used operating systems. This means that the user can take the USB wherever they go, plug it in, view their files and surf the webs as they would do on their personal PC,” he adds.

Although other devices such as Icloak and Ninjastick offer similar security solutions, Shenouda explains, AnonyStik stands out in its ability to provide the most comprehensive security features that include virus and malware protection, privacy, online anonymity, and encryption-enabled file storage capability that allows to view, encrypt, and decrypt files from any operating system. AnonyStik’s flexible design also makes it a more robust and highly functional product that is both economical and easy to use.

As our digital presence continues to become an integral part of our everyday lives — professionally and privately — the impact of a security risks like a viruses on our computers are exponentially increasing. According to the AV TEST Institute, over 390,000 new malware and viruses are registered every day.

Now with the launch of the crowdfunding campaign for AnonyStik, offering heavily discounted AnonyStik USB devices for backers who pledge $20 or more, Professionally Secure’s dynamic product is set to gather momentum and be produced for a global user base looking to maintain online privacy and full digital security.

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