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Google search is indeed the best search engine that was ever created. But some less used specific features aren’t available, even in Google. For example, looking for two identical types of websites! These could be either mirrors or maybe just another service being run by some other company or so. For example, if you head to China for the first time, the very first problem you’ll encounter on internet is their restrictions. There are just plenty of restrictions and more importantly; no Google. If you don’t like Baidu; then how do you locate another search engine that’s almost similar to Google itself? Same goes for YouTube or Google+. The social networking sites also go through this issue; not only in China but in many regions and finding an alternate service becomes a sole necessity.


The problem might not be so prominent but it indeed needed some attention and this bright group of people has taken the necessary steps. They have brainstormed and came up with the idea. This is a search engine like most others, but instead of looking for information if brings up similar websites as a result.


The web interface is intuitive and very much user friendly. Any first time visitor would make themselves at home within few minutes. There’s an input bar on top of the page; you can enter a website’s name and the result will show up with the similar websites listing. The search is pretty fast.

The users get to mark the answers with a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ to bring it up or put it down. The website listings with the most ‘Yes’ ratings are assumed to be most similar with the website you have searched with. That’s pretty much the way operates.


We have loved how this idea was implemented. The website still requires a heavy dosage of developments but the kick-start was up to the mark.

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