Mapping Production eases the lives of film producers

Mapping Production aims to ease the workflow in the film industry with its new and interactive location map.

A map is essential to inform the film crew about important details of the shooting location including base camp, parking, nearest hospitals, and designated driving routes. The app additionally provides a library of designs from which the users can choose their personal template. Crew members receiving these upgraded smart maps will have the ability to call, text, email and open addresses in GPS directly from their location map, making the start of everyday easier for everybody.

“The film industry is so far behind in harnessing modern-day technologies to make workflows more efficient and truly productive,” explained Mapping Production Founder, Jonny Videl. “Our entire team actually works in film production as freelancers, so we know these painful problems all too well. Since we deal with them on a daily basis, we decided it was our responsibility to create solutions from within the industry. WJe pride ourselves on being very much a “for us, by us” company.”

Whereas current location map services can take up to three working days to create a single map, Mapping Production simply requires users to provide basic film shoot information and then generates a custom location map within seconds. As well as saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in outsourcing expenses, these digital smart maps will also reduce the need for physical paper maps.

“We believe the film production revolution is upon us and we are dedicated to leading it” continued Jonny Videl. “Our goal is to empower film production professionals by utilizing the latest technologies in easy-to-use custom software solutions.”

With over 55,012 location shoots for feature films, television and commercials taking place in Los Angeles last year alone, Mapping Production has found a head-on solution to a real problem faced by location managers and film crews everywhere.



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