Miramix supplements are revolutionizing the health industry

Miramix offers its users the freedom to buy dietary supplements, herbs, spices and natural remedies from their favorite brands or choose from hundreds of ingredients to build their own custom-tailored mixes from scratch.

Health-foods, vitamins and supplements have thoroughly entered the mainstream and people use them for a wide range of reasons, from strengthening bones to keeping their hair strong and shiny. While the majority of the supplements are readily available, individually buying long lists of fruits, nuts, pills, powders and packets is both time consuming and expensive.

Miramix prides itself for being a nutrition marketplace that adds a futuristic approach to the traditional retail storefront. The startup uses patent-pending, micro-dosing technology to manufacture each individual’s customized order. The company sources all of its whole foods from domestic U.S. farmers and distributors. The foods are then dried, ground and encapsulated with distilled water in precise mg amounts for each individual order.

Miramix is changing all that. “We wanted to give the industry a facelift, create a marketplace where users could get no frills information about ingredients and product mixes that they consumed” said Duane Dennis, Founder and CEO of Miramix. “rather than seeing just a label on a bottle, Miramix will tell a story about each ingredient down to the harvest date and location it was made.”

Clients have the option of buying products separately, hand-crafting their own “miracle mixes” individually, or signing up to a monthly subscription option which offers them a 10% discount on all products, higher levels of product adaptability, free auto-shipping for repeat orders and a no-strings-attached cancellation policy.

With Miramix’s micro-dosing technology and goal of creating a competitive marketplace of brands, the opportunities are endless. Professional dieticians and medical professionals can hand-design mixes for their patients, reducing their daily pill count and making life easier for elderly people and their caretakers. Providing your pregnant partner with all the herbs, vitamins and oils she needs, preserving your grandmother’s secret pie recipe, or designing the perfect gym mix to match your body and aims couldn’t be easier

Miramix has launched an IndieGogo campaign which the company hit its $10,000 goal in the first day to expand partnerships with domestic farmers and bring more production capacity online. The company aims to deliver on all pre-orders  by the upcoming holiday season.


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