Humanity Launches its iPad App, Aims To Re-Imagine How We View Digital Travel Magazines By Inspiring Us Through An Unparalleled Interactive Experience

Humanity has announced the launch of its iPad app, aims to re-imagine the way we view and engage with digital travel magazines by inspiring us through an unparalleled interactive experience.

Developed by Humanity.TV’s Co-founders who pooled together their passion for storytelling, exploring, and audiovisual expertise, the Humanity magazine travel app — available now for free — uses the iPad’s full interactive power to authentically convey the true experience and stories of a foreign country.

By layering HD quality video and professional photography with interactive maps, the app allows users to explore a select country, its culture, landscapes, and people through a series of unique short documentaries and photos — which can focus on anything from the philosophy of an Icelandic fly fisherman to the views of a political guide in Palestine.

Issue #1 “Iceland” and Issue #2 “Israel & Palestine”, available now for download through the Apple App Store, takes users into the life of the countries through meticulous photo essays, unearthed travel experiences, and immersive soundscapes.

These, and every new issue release by the Humanity App are available for free, allowing users to easily explore hours of high quality travel content.

“The stories in the first issues are laid out on an interactive map to give added context that enriches the perspective of the viewer, giving them the knowledge of geography and hopefully enticing them to learn more about these stunning parts of the world,” says Humanity Co-Founder Kerrin James Sheldon, who is also Humanty.TV’s Director and Co-founder. “The magazine is more than an alternative travel app to show people the ‘unbeaten path’, it’s a new type of travel experience that puts visual storytelling and cultural immersion above all else. And what better way to do that through the beautiful interactivity allowed by an iPad,” he adds.

Just like an authentic travel experience, Sheldon explains, the versatility of the app allows users to explore a country through the different forms of media in any order.

With production spanning over a month for each country, the Humanity team aim to release around six new issues per year.

As powerful mobile technology such as tablets and smartphones continue to become a part of our everyday lives, more and more people turn towards these devices for their daily content consumption. This standard is complimented by figures release by the Pew Research Institute, which states that 42% of adults own tablets in the US alone.

“We chose the iPad as the medium for this app as it is the perfect tool for a full experiential approach, because it allows you to touch and feel the content,” says Humanity Co-Founder Gaston Blanchet, also Humanity.TV’s Producer and Co-founder. “We aim to capitalize on the interactive nature of the iPad to deliver a heightened travel experience, which should serve as a challenge to the larger traditional travel media companies,” he adds.

By Focusing solely on the locals and the countries that the app seeks to discover and share, Humanity’s team of avid travelers and passionate film makers are set to reshape the way we explore far away countries, and get enticed into traveling to unknown cultures.

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