High-Definition: A Global Standard

The term high definition is defined as a high degree of detail in an image or screen. In recent years, it has becoming a very important keyword in making an item feel upmarket or expensive. People have begun to judge displays, televisions, and photos by their quality and unless it is extremely high, it is not even considered close to good. High definition is very commonly referred to by its initials – HD. What exactly does, HD mean, in a technical standpoint? When it comes to a television or display, a resolution (number of pixels) of the screen has to be 1920 * 1080. Similarly any higher resolution is also considered to be a HD format as well.


There was a time where this sort of resolution was only available on the highest end television/monitors which cost a fortune. Yet, today it has become a global standard, with mid range smartphones under 300 dollars have a full HD display. This shows that the world has accepted this as a standard and anything less just look pathetic in comparison. This applies to videos as well, any video that is less than this definition is considered to be of poor quality and unprofessional.

A screen capture is recording of the visible items displayed on the monitor, television, or other visual output device in use. Screen captures are becoming quite a prevalent technique lately. Screen captures have been around for a while but they were generally very low quality and had horrible frame rates. This made the videos look very fuzzy and choppy, which gives off a vibe of unprofessionalism.

In line with the current technology, a HD video recorder is also an option now. These screen captures are full high definition resolutions and have an extremely high frame rate as well. This fixes the problem that older screen capture tools had of being slow, fuzzy, and choppy. Videos from HD video recording tools are very smooth, clear, and elegant.

These video recorders have a wide array of uses and applications such as:

  1. Recording webcasts that are not available for download later.
  2. Record skype, facetime, and video calls for future references.
  3. Creating instructional and educational videos for multiple purposes.


A great HD video recorder is Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It is an extremely neat, clean, and simple to use software. It has been designed so that everyone from novice to pro users could create amazing content, with minimal efforts. Movavi Screen Capture Studio has amazing features such as specifying the recording parameters, on the go pause/play of recording, instant saving of your videos, and quick editing as well. This allows for the creation of some truly amazing content and also helps those whom are inexperienced into doing so as well.

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio is an all rounder. It handles everything from capturing the content, to compressing, editing it, and exporting it as well. Other software’s generally can only handle one of these tasks, which would require you to have multiple software’s to achieve what the Movavi Screen Capture Studio could do in one stop.


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