Discover Exactly How To Perform A Clinical Orthopedic Exam With Nothing More Than Your IPhone

CORE (Clinical Orthopedic Exam) is an iPhone app designed to diagnose any number of orthopedic disorders. There are a total of 400 clinical tests, which will provide information about musculoskeletal afflictions as well. The app provides full video demonstrations of how to perform these tests and you will also find links to many leading medical websites and points of reference.


If someone is suffering from some form of orthopedic disorder they will typically need to be evaluated via a physical exam. If you are suffering from a musculoskeletal ailment there will be certain maneuvers to perform in order to ascertain how bad the problem is and to move nearer to a possible diagnosis. You will generally find that there are a number of different tests to perform, however, CORE can help you through these.

As mentioned, there are over 400 tests that are referenced within the app and they cover pretty much every extremity, including the spine. You will find both text and videos to guide you through performing these examinations, as well as an overall summary of the process. You will then be pointed in the direction of further medical material to help you understand a potential disease.



  1. The app provides some great reference material, which is updated on a regularly basis to keep up with any changes in the medical world.
  2. You will find information on medical tests to help with tendinous, ligamentous and neuropathic problems for a variety of body parts.
  3. You will find many diagnostic properties, which can help you to validate a certain condition.
  4. There are text and video descriptions of how to perform the tests, which you can follow up by reviewing the links to the medical references available.
  5. The app will provide you with free updates whenever any new tests or studies become available.
  6. You should be aware that the video demonstrations will have no audio to them, although you can purchase the in-app options in order to listen to the videos as well.


The CORE app can be found in the medical category of iTunes. It will cost $39.99 to purchase and download. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and will require an operating system of iOS 5.0 or later. It has now also been optimized for iPhone 5. The app has received rave reviews from users, as well as some great reviews from medical related personnel. These include reviews by, which is a site that specifically provides mobile app reviews for orthopedic surgeons. The Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT) described the app as a “wonderful reference” and also recommended the app to all clinicians who perform orthopedic examinations.

The CORE app obviously has a fairly high price tag when compared to many of the other apps found in iTunes. However, this is a medical related app and it provides a wonderful point of reference that can be used by orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, nurses, primary care and emergency room physicians, as well as any individual who would simply like to know more about orthopedic tests and aftercare procedures.

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