Cleanint releases new line of tablet accessories

Cleanint has launched Cleanstylus for tablets, creating the next generation of stylish and practical accessories to suit a wide range of mobile devices.

Available in 5 colors via the Cleanint website, the Cleanstylus is designed to be compatible with 99% of tablets on the market — including Android tablets up to 10mm thick.

The new Cleanstylus can be fastened to left and right hand corners of the device, avoiding unnecessary obstruction of both the camera and the tablet’s surface.

Utilizing a reusable adhesive technology that replaces glue with high quality rubber to ensure maximum grip, the Cleanstylus can be applied and removed with minimum effort leaving no residue or damage on the device’s surface.

“The Cleanstylus’ reusable design means that it can be seamlessly transferred between numerous tablets, and its placement can be easily altered on the device to suit the user’s specific needs,” said CEO and Founder of Cleanint Tuan Dam. “Our focus on both durability and elegant design for the Cleanstylus has resulted in a product that looks great on even the newest tablets without losing its practicality,” he aded.

Once the Cleastylus is securely fastened to the tablet, Dam explained, users can choose to permanently store their stylus by sliding it into the clip, or temporarily secure it by snapping it in from the back to allow quick and easy access.

As mobile devices continue to become invaluable tools of our everyday lives, both in our business and personal circles, more and more users look to accessories such as the Cleastylus for both practicality and productivity. According to 2014 Pew Research Institute figures, market penetration of tablets has reached 42% of adults in the US alone.

With this seemingly exponential growth of the tablet industry in mind, the Cleanint team has looked to develop a stylus holder that allows the user to stay productive while being able to express themselves through their new devices.

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