Callsheet Operator Brings The Next Generation Of Digital Management To The Film Production Industry

Callsheet Operator has announced the launch of its web-based management solution, an application designed specifically for the film industry to optimize every facet of crew management and workflow during production.

Developed by film professionals for film professionals, Callsheet Operator is the first of many applications by the company aimed at reshaping the way the film industry conducts its daily operations and workflows.

By leveraging technology, Callsheet Operator enables those in film production to create, distribute and track project call sheets in minutes, normally a time consuming and tedious task. The web-based solution is able to autofill call sheets directly from Apple Address Book to create fully interactive call sheets, which can then be easily shared with specific team members. To ensure call sheet delivery, the application is also able to send mass emails, text and voice messages. Additionally, Callsheet Operator provides digital opt-in and confirmation features, as well as real time tracking of messages, call sheets and actions — allowing producers to see who has received, confirmed, or opened important production messages.

“Whether it is data entry or contacting individual crew members throughout the day, the production staff has a number of mundane tasks that Callsheet Operator seamlessly automates, which allows them to focus on other production-critical tasks,” explains Callsheet Operator Founder Jonny Videl. “The flexibility of the solution means that CallSheet Operator can be applied to any device, making it an efficient, cross-platform management software that can greatly increase work performance of an entire production team.”

The call sheets created by the app can be easily exported to clickable PDF’s before being shared, updated to be mobile responsive, and embedded with call, email, website, and GPS features. Crew members can easily import vCards into their connected address books to ensure that individual film productions are kept up to date with the correct crew contact information.

By combining these suite of features industry professionals can ensure that every stage of production management including the communication process is optimized, avoiding unneeded time expenses on movies that — according to a FilmL.A. Research report — now cost an average $71 million.

“This solution has been proven to save up to 75% of the overall time normally spent on menial tasks. More importantly, it gives a dynamic, 360 degree view of call sheet interaction and crew communication for the entire production — something that is not currently available in the film industry,” adds Videl.




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