4 Amazingly Helpful Automotive Apps

As more people began relying on smartphones instead of computers, automobile manufacturers and companies making replacement car parts turned to smartphone apps. With the right app on your phone, you can compare the prices on new and used cars from dealerships in your city, search for the parts that you need and even diagnosis the problems you have with your vehicle. Whether you need to replace the windshield in your car or find out why your engine keeps ticking, check out some of the best new apps.

Windshield Repair Invoice Mobile App

Available for iPhone and Android users, the Windshield Repair Invoice mobile app lets you see how much replacing the windshield in your car will cost. Typically used by those working in the automotive industry, this app factors in the age of your car, the labor costs to repair the windshield and the parts needed. It will even factor in the cost of any other repairs you need on your car. Though shops usually use this app to determine the cost they charge customers, you can use the app yourself before heading to the mechanic.


Gas Buddy Mobile App

Why should you waste time researching gas prices when you can use the Gas Buddy mobile app instead? The more time that you spend driving around town to look at gas prices, the more fuel you use. With this app on your phone, you’ll know within seconds which businesses in your city have the lowest prices on gasoline. The app will even tell you how far you are from the cheapest gas and estimate your driving time to the location you choose. If you frequently travel, it will even update your results based on your current location.

Edmunds Mobile App

If you find yourself in the market for a new car, you need the mobile app from Edmunds.com, which is one of the leading automotive websites. The app lets you research the newest cars on the market, read reviews of different models and even view photographs of those cars. It also shows you the current value of different cars, which is helpful when it comes to haggling over the price with a dealer. You’ll also find that the app will show you which nearby dealers have the models you want in stock.

RepairPal Mobile App

Before you agree to the cost a mechanic quotes you for a windshield replacement or any other repair on your car, turn to the RepairPal app. This app will show you exactly how much you should pay for both labor and parts. If the quote you receive seems too high, check the app to see the average price that others pay and charge for the same job.

Find out exactly what you need to know about your car with the right app. These apps let you search for new and used cars, check out the cost of a windshield replacement or another job and even see where you can find the lowest gas prices in town.

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