An exciting and educational coffee tasting experience in a black box

The Black Box — a mystery package of 4 unknown coffees delivered to customers monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly  – complemented with an app to help develop your coffee palate.

Angels’ Cup Coffee announced the launch of its latest product today, The Black Box. Inspired by public cuppings — events where roasters invite members of the public to sample different coffees, learn about flavor profiles, and interact with other members of the community. The aim is to recreate these informative and fun coffee tasting experiences on a much bigger scale.

Angels’ Cup is unique in this sense, shipping blind coffee samples to its customers while focusing on the educational aspect of coffee tasting. It does so by allowing the coffee enthusiast to taste the unknown coffee, record notes on their experience, and finally enter a code into the Angels’ Cup app in order to compare their tasting notes with the Angels’ Cup “roastmaster.”

“We think that sampling coffees like this is the best way to learn how different single-origins taste. When a customer finds something they like and want a whole bag, we have a store where they can buy one straight from the roaster. We feel it’s important to say that we don”t take a cut of that transaction because we don’t believe the world needs another middleman,”  Borack.

Angels’ Cup further acknowledges the “third-wave” of coffee drinking, the latest trend that focuses on purchasing coffee from its point of origin and champions artisanal roasting methods over mass-production.

“Second-wave coffee was about espresso and dark-roasts, and this is what franchised high street coffee shops usually sell,” said company Co-founder Jeff Borack.

“We are now in the midst of the third-wave, which is all about lighter roasts and experiencing the subtleties and unique flavor notes from a range of single-origin coffees, as well as single-cup, low-tech brewing methods. This means better coffee that is both environmentally sustainable and more affordable”, concluded Borack.



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