Top Indian EdTech Startup Greysprings launches worldwide

Greysprings Software Solutions, which develops apps in the “play and learn” market for kids aged 3-9 years, has announced the global launch of “play and learn” apps for children.

Build on their resounding local success in India, Greysprings aims to provide children with a goal-oriented experiential learning through fun theme and story based activities.  The apps are designed to teach and reinforce vocabulary, reading and numeracy skills and are presented in beautifully crafted, colorful interfaces which will amaze and interest kids and parents alike.

The market within India is huge, with more than 100 million primary school kids aged 3-9 enrolled in more than a 1.3 million schools across the country. The current market size of digitized school products in India is $500 million annually and is poised to grow at 20% CAGR to $2 billion by 2020.

Since their local launch in 2012, Greysprings has released a number of successful educative apps for children and registered more than 1.5 million total downloads to date. Popular Greysprings Apps such as GS Kids! Preschool Games and GS Kids! Preschool Letters consistently feature in the top apps section in Windows Store and Windows Phone Store and the 9 apps released to date have all received ratings of 4.5/5 or higher.

Greysprings has created a range of edu-tech apps that not only make learning fun for kids, but also open new dimensions to kids’ perception towards education.

The games and activities are designed to offer a shared activity for parents and their young children. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children when used wisely, technology and media can optimize the potential for children’s learning and development and can support children’s relationships both with adults and their peers.

“With Greysprings apps, children and adults can share some amazing moments, be it at home, in the car, or at school. Our fun range of games and activities are designed to challenge young kids in a fun, productive manner and reinforce the language and numeracy skills that they are learning at school and from their parents. We have had great success at home and want to spread the word to parents and teachers around the world.” Says Chandan Thakur, Co-founder of Greysprings Software Solutions.

Greysprings apps have been integrated into the curriculums of a number of schools in Delhi and the Hyderabad region of India for preschool and lower primary kids, and have received gleaming reviews from both teaching staff and parents.

The creators aim to expand their market to English speaking countries around the world, and let millions more kids and parents, bond, enjoy and learn together with Greysprings apps.

Working over a wide range of devices, Greysprings apps are compatible on iOS, Windows and Android and are available for free download on the iOS Apple Store, Windows store and Google Play App Store.



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