Three Great Apps For Creative Cake Ideas

Who loves cake? Correct answer: everyone! Even famous historical figures such as Marie Antoinette have been quoted as saying, “Let them eat cake!” It is no wonder then that many people have attempted to perfect the art of cake making and cake decorating for centuries now. The only way to receive ideas for new pastry ideas used to be in the form of a magazine, but now, with the advent of mobile technology, you can have all of the cake designs in the world for free in the palm of your hand. Here are three Android apps to help you achieve exactly the right cake design for your special occasion. The apps are: Pinterest, Happy Birthday Cake Designs, and Birthday Cake Ideas.


The first app is popular for many reasons, but it is definitely the best app on this list when it comes to finding cute cake designs for any and every occasion imaginable. Pinterest is a free app, and a free service, that you can download from the Google Play store onto your Android mobile phone. Inside, you are able to search for any design imaginable (for birthdays, weddings, funerals, graduations, fundraisers, kick-offs, and many other styles) by searching with whatever keywords apply. If you use the app for a certain amount of time and decide that you want to contribute to the Pinterest community by sharing your own designs, you can. Just take a photo of what you have made, add a description, and pin it to your board! You can make as many boards as you like, and you can also follow as many of someone else’s boards as you wish.


Happy Birthday Cake Designs

Maybe what you need for inspiration is just an app filled with beautiful photos? Well this is the app for you. Upon opening the Happy Birthday Cake Designs application, you will find some of the most wild and wacky cakes imaginable. For example, one popular cake in this app is a beautiful white castle with incredibly sculpted red roof coverings. The cakes can be made as a standard, one-layer butter cream cake or they can get as fancy and exciting as a full five story building composed of chocolate, fondue, butter cream, tooth picks, metal rods, candles, sprinkles, spray paint colour icing, and much, much more. This incredibly simple app is very easy to navigate. You can easily save any of the photos directly to your phone or SD card, and you can easily set any of the photos as your wallpaper! Not only does it come with a 4.5 rating, but it is also completely free!

Birthday Cake Ideas

Similar to Happy Birthday Cake Designs, this app offers a wide array of beautiful cakes to browse through. However, this app has a different set of pastries included as well: cupcakes. Along with beautiful cakes, this app showcases cupcakes strewn among cakes in beautiful, complimenting arrangements. Again, this app offers the perfect cake design for whatever special occasion you need one for. The subjects range from children’s birthday parties and birth announcements, to elderly birthdays and fondu-covered masterpieces for corporate events. Similar to its counterpart above, this app is completely free and has a rating of 4.6. Incredible!

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