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In favor of online shopping, there happens to be plenty of reasons. It would be very unnatural to not take advantage of some technology that was invented to make daily lifestyle easy, and of course more convenient. Online shopping saves time, offers convenience, gets job done easily and guarantees trustworthiness in different levels. However, to make sure that an online shopping attempt goes smooth, one should take few precautionary measures. This type of shopping would take someone’s private banking information for the financial transaction, and these are sensitive information. Also, shopping with wrong websites can be a bitter experience. We have discussed how to shop safe and secure in online stores.

Use Reputed Websites

The number of e-commerce sites is now in 4 digit figures, or could be even more. Not all of these sites are trustworthy. However, apart from few very reputed and globally popular ones, most online shopping sites these days are new and working very hard to gain customer satisfaction and trust. Before making a purchase from an online e-commerce site, make sure you check customer feedbacks and reviews, also whether they have proper security certificates to protect banking details or not. For globally reputed websites, Amazon and eBay happens to be the best picks. For newer ones, you could give.

SSL Layer – Is the Lock there?

The lock icon to the left of your website URL is pretty common these days as many websites actually use SSL certificates to ensure safety of their website visitors. When trying out a new e-commerce site, look out for the lock icon. That might look different in different browsers, but the purpose it serves is same. To know whether your online shopping vendor provides SSL certificates is to look for the URL; HTTPS will ensure that the website is secured.

Check Information you Disclose

Online shopping websites will only need your credit card number, and maybe the 3 digit security pin printed in the back and the card’s expiry date. That should do the account transaction, stuffs like social security number or birthday is not needed. If a website asks your credit card number and these, then you might have stepped into a fraud website. They can rip off your account by using the credit card number and other information combination. The best way to stay secure during online shopping is to disclose as less information as possible.

Check If the Bill is Right

After checking out, check if the bill is showing the right amount. No matter what you buy, starting from electrical gadgets to stationary goods, medicines or healthcare products – the fraudulent websites might forge the bill to charge you more money so double check before making the payment.


Staying safe during online shopping isn’t difficult, it only takes some awareness as we mentioned. Make this practice a habit!

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