CouponDekho Review: Assistance in Buying Thoughtful Gifts

Gifts are an essential and important token of love and affection for the people about whom you care and love. A major portion of your budget can be spent towards celebrating brides and the grooms close to you at a time of wedding seasons. But there comes a time when these wedding gifts become burdensome. On seeing expensive appliances, fine china and very expensive decoration, you would start wishing that these weddings were not such an elaborate affair.


You not wanting to overspent on the gifts or shortage of money should not be the reason for not extending good wishes to the couple. Perhaps they would be happier with your presence on that important occasion than the gift you might bring along. Since it is important to acknowledge new union, you should try to get a thoughtful gift which may not be very expensive and for this you can get the best offers on Conventionally you are expected to spend nearly the cost Of what you will consume on the wedding at least as this is what the bride and bride groom would be spending on you as guest.

Wedding Gifts on Budget

Since I normally attend more than four weddings every summer, it is essential to have gift ideas which are useful, inexpensive and thoughtful. Once these points are kept in mind, my gift would certainly be appreciated by bride and bride groom- without even having spent a fortune on that gift. CouponDekho give me wonderful and useful ideas that I have picked up over a period of time and few thoughtful gifts that I received at the time of my own wedding are discussed here.

1. Small Registry Items

When registry is created by bride and groom, they are encouraged to have various items of different cost for the wedding guests who might be having different budgets. In case of a registry, have a look and you would be surprised to see many less expensive and smaller items alongside expensive new china and coffeemakers using Flipkart shopping offers. You should select modestly priced item for registry for creating small basket for bride and bride groom. This way you would be able to control your expenditure and happy couple would get measuring cups, placemats, vase, spatula that they wanted. These smaller items could be passed off by other guests as splashier gifts and this is win-win situation. Registries also offer access online and the items can be sorted by you as per the cost.

2. Dinner or Dessert for Two

In case you do not have sufficient amount, you could wrap few related items and come up with an inexpensive gift which would appear more useful and thoughtful. Check out some cheaper but good items using Snapdeal offers. Giving dinner for two offer would also be appreciated as it’s a good gift.


3. Embroidered Linens

You should look for the machine embroidered items as these would be comparatively less expensive compared to hand embroidered items. In order to make these more attractive, monogram, nickname or a name could be embroidered for newlyweds. This would elevate a basic gift to something very memorable. Items which may be bought are pillowcases, sheets and towels.


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