Bluefields Acquires “Football Mitoo” And Rebrands To “Mitoo”, Surpasses 2 Million Sports Notifications Yearly

UK-based mobile sports startup Bluefields announces their acquisition of Football Mitoo and its rebranding to ‘Mitoo’. The company now sends over 2 million notifications yearly and looks to continue providing mobile and social solutions for sports leagues around the world.

Bluefields, now known as Mitoo, was founded by British CEO Andrew Crump and CTO Piers Rollinson with a mission to increase amateur sport participation and reduce player dropout — around 4% every year — through mobile and social technology.

“It’s super exciting to bring Football Mitoo onboard. With such a rich history in the UK amateur sports world, it made sense to keep in touch with its powerful brand,” explained Founder and CEO Andrew Crump regarding the name change, adding that, “At Bluefields, we have always put our teams’ and leagues’ identities at the forefront, so it was an easier switch for Bluefields users.”

The mobile app encourages the creation of a customised, branded environment to engage players in the amateur sports sphere. Mitoo’s RESTful API facilitates the full integration with existing registration, schedule, website, and CRM systems.

Through these features, and its focus on providing value to sport governing bodies, the mobile app permeates all levels of sport to increase participation, retention rates, and engagement — placing it among the most important tools for any governing body to manage and stay constantly informed on players, clubs and leagues.

Beyond the management and integration capabilities that Mitoo provides, the mobile app also analyses and reports on all the content and data collected. Additionally, the platform provides easy to comprehend reports on attendance, retention, matches and much more without ever having to manually track anything.

With an expanding user community, Mitoo now delivers over 2 million yearly notifications to more than 83,000 teams from 41 sports, and is used by leagues and governing bodies across world to increase player engagement and participation.

To complement this, amateur sports players use the Mitoo mobile app to stay up to date with all the information they need on their league and upcoming games.

Co-Founder Piers Rollinson explains, “Players receive contextual notifications around the upcoming and past games, postponements, cancellations and more. For big games we even send good luck messages, which makes people smile. It makes it really easy for them to know what is happening so it’s a great milestone for us to have sent over 2 million notifications in the last year.”

Since 1999 Football Mitoo has been the leading football league administration tool in the UK. Bluefields on the other hand is a much younger startup, having been part of Seedcamp and 500 Startups in 2012, raising $1m seed in 2013.

Now based in London with offices in Las Vegas and San Francisco, the all-new ‘Mitoo’ is focused on growing its offerings for leagues and teams across the globe.

The UK’s largest amateur sports network hopes to soon focus on the United States where around 62 million Americans regularly participate in team sport, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association.


UK-based Mitoo is a mobile sports network that help amateur leagues and governing bodies to grow and increase engagement with players, parents and coaches. Mitoo is fast and super easy to use with no complicated software and no training required. Mitoo was born in 2014 from the acquisition of Football Mitoo which has been pioneering football league administration tools since 1999 and Bluefields, which specialises in creating great mobile experiences for sports teams, leagues, and clubs since 2012.

Mitoo works with Sports Associations and Governing Bodies to integrate existing internal systems with Mitoo’s mobile applications and stand alone branded mobile apps ‘powered by Mitoo’. The end result is a dramatically improved experience for sports players and reduced payer dropout.

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