Asus ET2040IUK- An All-in-one experience!

In a market flooded with personal computers of varying specifications and features, identifying the one that will suit you best is always going to be a hard task. More often than not, people end up buying computers that are either too loaded or high-end for their liking. Not that anyone would say no to a high-end computer; but you pay a lot more than what you actually have to. And that could be a deal breaker. This is where a model like the Asus ET2040IUK can make all the difference. An all-in-one computer that ticks all the right boxes and at the same time don’t burn your pockets. It can be the ideal choice for a lot of people out there and this explain why this Asus PC has been generating a lot of interest worldwide.

Some of the reviews this product has generated have simply been outstanding. Check out this Amazon page for more details. Everybody seems to be happy with its sleek and self-contained design. We honestly think that Asus did all of us a huge favor by reducing the space consumption of its model and allowing easy transportation. In a world where people require everything, especially their gadgets, to be smaller, lighter and slimmer, Asus have delivered a masterstroke with its Asus ET2040IUK model.


Let us look at some of the features that make it a hot pick among customers

Performance: Asus, as a world renowned pc manufacturer, have never compromised with the performance of its gadgets. To this end, the Asus ET2040IUK comes with two variants of processors, namely the Intel Pentium Quad Core J2900 Processor & Celeron Dual Core J1800 Processor with 2.41GHz and 2.90GHz processing speed respectively. There is also 2GB of RAM that offers a decent performance.

Audio: The Asus supersonic master is well equipped to give you the ultimate audio experience. You can adjust your audio levels as per your requirement

Connectivity: This model allows multiple modes of connectivity like three 3.0 USB ports and three 2.0 USB ports. In addition to this, there is an HDMI port as well.

Display: It offers excellent backlit LED display which makes it a treat to look at the screen every time.

You can view a complete list of features here in this YouTube video.


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